«Locum dicto Trasqua»

It is February 4 in the year 1001 and Trasqua makes its first official appearance. It is the land concession that the countess Ava, daughter of the Lombardic Zenobi and widow of the noble Ildebrando, lord of Staggia, entrusts to the nascent Benedictine convent at the church of Abbadia Isola.

Since then, along a "thousand miles" of history, the thread that links the locum dicto Trasqua to the present has never been broken. A rough path, which has seen wars, revolutions, expropriations and assignments, has never lost its natural vocation, that of viticulture.

Terra lavorativa
et vignata

Starting in the year 1000, the toponym Trasqua appears in all land registers, bequests and inheritances. It is presented as a prestigious plot of land which expands throughout history and reinforces its boundaries. Today, a total of 120 hectares of the current property is owned by the Hulsbergen family who purchased the estate in 2001

In every deed and legal document, Trasqua is intrinsically linked to viticulture. Terra lavorativa et vignata (working land and of the vine, in Latin) as we read, whose sortes et rebus (the "land and things") exists because here there is the possibility of making a great wine capable of winning time.

1000 Miles



The passion for the challenges that are overcome with commitment, perseverance and dedication, and not with power and speed, have encouraged the estate to support the "most beautiful race in the world". Since 2017 Villa Trasqua has been the official partner of the Mille Miglia, the most famous car race that is won thanks to the steady pace, not the speed. A commitment that intimately reflects the company's values: the enhancement of tradition; the protection of the territory; attention to rational viticulture, designed to follow the times and rhythms of nature and enhance the scenic beauty and expressiveness of the wines.