Welcome to Villa Trasqua

Timeless universe in the heart of Chianti Classico

We invite you to discover the ancient history of this estate and the quality of our wines through three different experiences: STARTER, PREMIUM and GOLD. Each of them includes an introduction to the characteristics of the Chianti Classico area and a tasting.


1 h

€ 18 per person

A tasting of 3 wines accompanied by Tuscan food delicacies. This visit is designed as a first approach to the world of Villa Trasqua and its Sangiovese-based wines.


1h 30 mn

€ 25 per person

A  tasting of 4 wines accompanied  by Tuscan food delicacies and our organic EVO oil. The tasting is designed for those who have the desire to discover the evolution and transformations of our Sangiovese, through the Chianti Classico, our Reserva and Grand Selezione.


2 h

€ 35 per person

A presentation of the wine production process with a guided tour of all the areas of the cellar (fermentation area and  barrel rooms). The tour ends in the area dedicated to tasting with a selection of our wines accompanied by Tuscan gastronomic goodness, our organic EVO oil and Passito. The GOLD visit is the best way to deepen your knowledge of Trasqua and its products, two hours of sensory immersion that will tickle your imagination and your palate. € 40 per person: Gold tour with the add of some sweet delicacies.
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Wine Tasting

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