A regularity race

Making wine is not a test of speed, but a "regularity race" with nature. Human resources and actions are confronted with the rhythm of the seasons in a challenge to harmonisation.

Classic means "timeless", "beyond time". And time is the only one, solemn raw material of wine.

Time as a rhythm of nature, which must be respected and understood to achieve qualitative consistency; time of growth and full ripening of the grapes; time of slow and conscious waiting for the refinement of wines. But also the time of the "right moment", of the timeliness of operations in the vineyard, of the moment in which to harvest and process the fruits in the fullness of their expressive qualities.


To fully respect the time of wine, and to allow it to express itself in the immortal forms of the "classic", from 2014 Villa Trasqua has chosen the integral sustainability of wine production, today 100% organic.

A path shared with the oenologist Franco Bernabei, a leading expert on Sangiovese and Chianti Classico, who brings the vineyard and the organic vision of its vegetative microcosm to the center of attention, considered on a par with a complex ecosystem in which each part, even corpuscular, contributes to the whole balance.
This is how Villa Trasqua began a process of mass selection of the clones used in the vineyards and, at the same time, the decision to use only indigenous yeasts. A guaranty of typicality that becomes the unique and unrepeatable patrimony of the "lands of Trasqua", a figure that uniquely identifies the style of the wines, starting from its original "materials".


Pedoclimatic and geological analyses have divided the Villa Trasqua vineyard into sections, each of which, based on soil types and microclimates, has been destined to accommodate the most suitable grape variety.

A "French-style" approach that led to the identification of 13 distinct fractions of land on which the Grand Cru of Villa Trasqua, Nerento stands out: this section is vinified as single vineyard as it has always been suited for the production of Sangiovese at the height of the quality of the denomination.